Dr. Martin Buchheit

Dr. Martin Buchheit



“I am a self-driven, accomplished & forward-thinking individual who has developed a broad knowledge of contemporary sport performance, being exposed to elite victorious environments over many years. I have excellent communication skills enabling me to communicate effectively with coaches, staff & players. Combining my experience in elite sports, alongside expert opinions and personal research, I work daily to develop and apply best practice to empower organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.” In 2020 I was ranked as the 4th scientific expert in football (soccer) in the world by Expertscape.com.

Key areas of expertise: Physical development | Training status/fatigue monitoring | Load management | Injury prevention/Data Analytics | Recovery | Nutrition | Technologies | Research, Development & Innovation


2023- : Head of Performance at Olympique Lyon, Lyon, France. Assistant of Laurent Blanc, In charge of Strength & Conditioning, Sport Science, Nutrition + overview of the Academy and Women

2021- : High Performance Consultant, City Football Group, Manchester, UK


2021-23: Head of Performance at Lille OSC, Lille, France (1 x Champions Trophy). In charge of Strength & Conditioning, Sport Science, Nutrition & Medical integration

2020-23: Head of Performance Intelligence Research, KitmanLabs, Dublin Ireland

2014-20: Head of Performance at Paris Saint Germain Football Club, Paris, France (Titles: 5 Ligue-1 Champions, 4 Coupes de France, 4 Coupes de la Ligue and 6 Champions Trophies). Worked

with Laurent Blanc (2014-16), Unaï Emery (2016-18) and Thomas Tuchel (2018-20) ▪ Fulltime1stTeam+builtrelationshipsandsystemswithAcademyandWomen
▪ Strength&Conditioning,SportScienceandNutrition

2009-14: Physiologist & Sport Scientist, Football Performance and Science Department, ASPIRE, Academy for Sports Excellence, Doha, Qatar.

✓ Sport science support to U12-U18 teams
✓ Coordinator of the Testing and Training Monitoring Units ✓ Research & development

2013-15: Sport Science Consultant, Adelaide Crows (Australian Rule Football, Australia)

2011-13: Sport Science Consultant, Paris St Germain (1st League Football, Paris,France)

2011-13: Sport Science Consultant, Carlton FC (Australian Rule Football, Melbourne, Australia)

2010-14: Member of the Research Unit for the French Football Federation (TID and Youth

development, Clairefontaine, France)

2008-12: Strength & Conditioning Coach & Consultant, Qatar Handball Federation

2005-08: Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist, Handball Talent center,

Amiens, France

2003-06: Strength & Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist, SC Sélestat, Ligue 1, France

2002-06: Strength & Conditioning coach and Sport Scientist, Women Youth National Team,

French Handball Federation


2016-21: Member of the Nike Elite Experts Panel (Beaverton, Oregon, United States) • 2014-16: Member of the Polar Elite Experts Panel (Kempele, Finland)


2014-: Adjunct Associate Professor (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia)

2012-15: Adjunct Associate Professor (Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, WA, Australia)

2010-05: Honorary Visiting Researcher (John Moores University, Liverpool, UK)

2005-09: Senior Lecturer (University of sport Sciences, Amiens, France)

2003-05: Lecturer (University of Sport Sciences, Strasbourg, France)

2003- : Trainer in several courses on Strength & Conditioning and Load Management (France, Spain,

Belgium, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, Tunisia, USA, Qatar, NZ,Australia & more).


2007: Post-doc (3-month Fellowship) (Edith Cowan University, Joondalup, Australia)

2004: PhD (ULP Uni, Strasbourg, France) – Effect of physical activity on heart rate variability

2003: MSc of Strength & Conditioning (Marc Bloch University, Strasbourg, France)

2001: MSc of Research (Jean Monnet University, St Etienne, France)

2001: European MSc of Strength & Conditioning (Lyon, France)

2001: MSc in Statistical Analysis (ULP University, Strasbourg, France)


2020: Crucial Conversations (Online course, Tools for talking when stakes are high)

2010: ISAAK Level 1 certification (anthropometry assessment, Doha, Qatar)

2000: Level 1 Coaching Certification in Handball (Strasbourg, France)

1999: Emergency First Aid certification (Strasbourg, France)

1998: Instructor Certification in Tennis (France), Football (France) and Ski (France)


Key words: determinants of physical performance in football (soccer), high-intensity training, injury prevention work, heat training, repeated sprint ability, tracking technology, heart rate variability, recovery.

Author of >200 articles in peer-reviewed journals (>24k citations, H-index 65).

Author of EGOals, how to exercise your ego in high-performance environments (2021)

3 major publications: The 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (JSCR 2008), Match running performance and

fitness in Football (IJSM 2010), Monitoring changes in fitness in soccer players (EJAP 2011)

Inventor of the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test (2000) to program high-intensity intermittent

training and the 5’-5’ test (2005) to assess training status in athletes / See phone App

Co-founder of HIIT Science, a platform (online course and podcast) on High-Intensity Interval Training.

Author of 4 DVDs on Strength & Conditioning in Elite Handball (2005 & 2009)

Editor of scientific journals (Int J Sport Physiology and Performance, J Sports Sciences)

Editor and co-creator of Sport Performance and Science Reports (online, review-free journal)

Instructor for the Football and Science Institute (most complete on-line football course)

Invited speaker to >40 internationals conferences, participation in >30 international congresses

PhD supervisor (12 completed)


Handball, 4th and 5th French National league (1997-2008), Tennis (‘15/5’ French ranking, 1996), Running: Marseille Marathon 2016: 2h53 / ‘Diagonale des Fous’ (La Réunion, 2012, 170 km, 9643m D+): 40h

Talks – Coaching & Scientific conferences

Podcasts – Coaching & Scientific conferences